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TELF – (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has really granted many language teachers job opportunities. So many of them have travelled abroad and gained employment after obtaining TELF certificate. Henry Author Linguistic Academy is a wonderful training ground for TELF preparatory classes. We have qualified teachers and trainers certified by the British council Cambridge University London.

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For aspiring educators in the field of English Language Teaching to Adults, our CELTA Preparatory Class is your stepping stone.

As a language community, Henry Author Linguistic Academy prepares learners who want to be trained in CELTA course. ( Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). We have trainers, who have been trained and schooled by British Council Cambridge University London. Register now and thank us later.

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French language is among the courses that Henry Author Linguistic Academy teaches. We have qualified French teachers who uses modern instructional materials to impact the learner with a good understanding of the language. All who have gone through our French classes have always Register ied the beauty of our learning process. What are you still waiting for? Register now.


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Master the art of public speaking with Henry Author Linguistic Academy. Our seasoned orators impart invaluable knowledge in effective communication. Our conducive learning environment enhances your skills. Join us, and become a confident and impactful speaker. Register today!


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Henry Author Linquistic Academy also train students in the act of Research Methodology. We call on scholars and academicians to register with us and learn the modern way of research. We can also direct you as you embark on your research. Henry Author is one of the best when it comes to research methodology.


Elevate your English proficiency during holidays. Our tailored classes, suitable for primary and secondary students, use engaging instructional materials. Whether online or in-person, our exceptional teachers enhance language abilities. Register now for a transformative English learning experience.

Check the physical location details here: English Holiday Lessons

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It's never too late to pursue education. Henry Author Linguistic Academy empowers adults from diverse backgrounds to achieve international standards of education. Politicians, farmers, teachers, athletes, skilled individuals - we cater to all. Join us and embark on your educational journey.


Schools and training centers, enhance your English education with our qualified teachers. We offer online support and training to institutions seeking to improve language education standards. Partner with us for quality language education.

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For personalized language improvement, our private English tutors are at your service. Whether through in-person or online sessions, our experienced tutors help you excel. Join countless satisfied learners who have benefited from our private tutoring services.

At Henry Author Linguistic Academy, we believe that language is the key to diverse opportunities. Join us today and embark on a journey of language mastery and personal growth. Your success begins here!

Early applicants recieve 20% off their first quarter fee.